Design for Environment

Design for Environment is a unique service offered by Close the Loop to manufacturers.  Good product design, with end of life in mind, has the potential to impact all other elements of the supply chain in a positive way while maximizing the value of the raw materials in a product. This encourages the development of the collection and processing infrastructure to return those raw materials back into the product cycle. It’s fair to say that most products in the market today are not designed with end of life in mind. Because of this, we have a planet full of consumer (and other) products that cost society money to recycle. If a product is designed for reuse or recycling, the value of the raw materials recovered will more than likely exceed the cost of recycling. We can assist in simplifying the degree of complexity of products to help reduce the cost of resource recovery. Close the Loop can help your organization analyze, review, and capture core information on compatibility of plastic types, complexity of products and the ease with which resources can be recovered. Some design features or elements that help make resource recovery an attractive proposition for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) include:

  • Fewer raw materials.
  • Ease of parts recovery.
  • Ease of materials separation.
  • Use of highly recyclable metals and plastics.
  • Minimal contaminants like glues and labels.
  • Clever fixings and fasteners that are made from the same materials as the main housings.

For further information on the DfE service, please contact: DFE@closetheloopusa.com

Custom Programs for OEMs

Close the Loop has over 11 years of knowledge, experience, and historical data on running a collection and recycling program for leading manufacturers of imaging consumables and other products. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Product Stewardship (PS) requirements make manufacturers responsible for the products they make, right through to their ‘end of life.’ We will work closely with you to tailor your collection program to meet your needs and reduce the volume of electronic and consumer wastes being dumped to landfill. Close the Loop can help your organization achieve the following:

  • Meet take-back requirements
  • Collect your branded consumables globally from end users
  • Capture data for you and your customer
  • Recycle with zero waste to landfill
  • Assist in achieving EPEAT Gold Standard criteria for print consumables
  • Know that safe and secure destruction of your products will occur

For more information on running your customized collection program contact David Blaine, Business Development Director, USA:  david.blaine@ctlus.com


Close the Loop provides a global environmental consultation service to leading global manufacturers. We will assess all aspects of your business related to End of Life (EoL) management for your products.  We can review current processes and suggest improvements for existing take-back programs or provide an EoL solution to meet your current needs. Depending on your business and needs, our fully managed service includes:

  • Identifying collection requirements
  • Comprehensive data capture
  • Resource recovery processes
  • Reuse opportunities
  • Design for Environment
  • Post-Consumer Recyclate (PCR) using recycled materials in new products

CtL offers a global reporting platform, the customer accessible web portal allows for unified data capture across all regions.  As a service provider, we are compliant and operate to numerous worldwide standards, regulations, and guidelines. For further information on this service please contact David Blaine – Business Development Director, USA: david.blaine@ctlus.com