Materials Recovery

Materials Recovery

Do you want to know more about what we do and how? Here’s the place to find out about recycling, closing the loop, and helping the environment.

Closing the Loop

Closed loops are about turning the materials recovered from one type of product back into the same type of product. There are also many commodity loops that, while not strictly “closed”, provide similar environmental benefits.

How We Recycle

Through 11 years of experience, knowledge, and extensive R&D, Close the Loop has developed technologies to recycle printer consumables and plastic streams. Find out about the resources we recover and what happens to them.

Carbon Savings

It takes a lot of energy to make new plastics and metals. When they are recycled, some of this “embodied energy” is recovered. The less energy it takes to make something, the lower its carbon emissions. How much carbon has Close the Loop kept out of the atmosphere? Find out here.

Materials Recovery