Below are links to associations, news and information sources, books and much more to help you learn additional information about Closing the Loop and recycling plastics and other products.

Trade Associations

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) – www.isri.org The Association of Post-consumer Plastics Recyclers – www.plasticsrecycling.org The American Chemistry Council – www.americanchemistry.com

Information Sources

Resource Recycling magazine – www.resource-recycling.com E-Scrap News – www.e-scrapnews.com Plastics Recycling Update – www.plasticsrecyclingupdate.com National Center for Electronics Recycling – www.electronicsrecycling.org


Basel Action Network (BAN) – www.ban.org


The Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA) – www.pacia.org.au Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) – www.aiia.com.au Cartridges 4 Planet Ark –  www.cartridges.planetark.org MobileMuster – www.mobilemuster.com.au ABRI – www.batteryrecycling.org.au Close the Loop USA – www.closetheloopusa.com Green Echo – www.greenecho.com.au

Books of Interest

Getting to Zero Waste – Paul Palmer – www.gettingtozerowaste.com Cradle to Cradle – McDonough & Braumgart (North Point Press) – www.mcdonough.com/cradle_to_cradle.htm The Natural Advantage of Nations – Hargroves & Smith (Earthscan) – www.naturaledgeproject.net/naon.aspx Natural Capitalism – Hawkin, Lovins, & Lovins (Earthscan Publications) – www.natcap.org